Buy a Hotel

Looking to buy a hospitality property? Maxim Hotel Brokerage can help. We offer valuable services for those looking to buy.

Share Your Acquisition Criteria With Us

We send you information on opportunities that fit your needs and alert you by email as they arise. We are in continuous contact with owners of all types of properties in our home markets as well as throughout the country. These may include properties not on the open market as well as bank-owned and other distressed properties of which information is available only on a confidential basis.

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Targeting Buyers

Buyer Representation

We can farm a specific market or identified properties on your behalf. This is a real benefit for well-qualified buyers with a specific, strategic acquisition criteria, as well as gaming and non-gaming properties in Las Vegas, Nevada

Buy a Hotel

When you’re looking to purchase a hotel, know that the competition can be fierce. Some properties on the market may not be published publicly, which is why it pays to work with Maxim Hotel Brokerage who have contacts in the industry. We work with qualified buyers to match them to fantastic opportunities. To get started, let us know:

  • Your region or markets of interest
  • The preferred size of investment
  • Positioning (full-service, select-service, boutique, gaming)
  • Any preferred brands

Contact us today if you are ready to get started on your next hospitality venture.